💫 The whole day was organised by the players of Boomerang. We shared our gratitude in the Morning Circle then had 4 more activities, facilitated by the rest of the teams.
⚜️ Third team: 360° – we split into 3 groups which represented different animals, mosquitos, snakes and giraffes. The mosquitos couldn’t speak, the snakes walked with their legs tied and the giraffes had tied arms. Each group had to complete a task that was very difficult to complete, given the limitations. The aim of the game was to ask for help from the other teams and use your strong points in order for everyone to win.
⚜️ Fourth team: Escape Hopeland – we tried to answer some controversial dilemmas, which resulted in splitting people into teams, depending on the answer. We were guided to different places all over Hopeland, where we had to make more tough decisions using logical arguments and intuition. In total, everyone had to take sides to approximately 5 dilemmas. Through this process, we understood if we gravitate towards using our logic or our intuition.
⚜️ Fifth team: Speak up! – we started the activity with a fun energiser called ”small fish-big fish”, where we celebrated when we did a mistake, saying it out loud and moving to another group. After that, we split in teams and had the space to practice public speaking by convincing the rest of the people of what was written on paper.
⚜️ Sixth team: Apples and Pairs – the activity was about discrimination and life goals. We got a card with instructions, such as yelling instead of talking, holding someone’s hand all the time, whispering or answering with just one word. After getting our abilities, we formed groups and found a way to communicate and work together.
💡 We finished the busy day in a tired, but joyful way, spending the rest of the night playing board games or sharing thoughts about the accomplishments of the day.
🧩 We are the players of the Boomerang youth exchange and we are also taking over the Facebook page of Roes Cooperativa for the next 4 days. Stay tuned!
✨ The project is co-financed and supported by the Erasmus+ Youth Greece Youth Greece.