🗣 A couple of weeks ago, our favorite Connect your City in Athens accommodated the local Boomerang event, as a follow up activity for the Youth Exchange. It was more than a great opportunity for young people to taste the smell of Gamification.
✅ Gamification 🌱, methodology through role-playing games, experiential learning and more, makes you a more creative and effective person in your personal goals. On the occasion of this game, focusing on employability and social inclusion 🌪️ young people shared their experience and were also informed about the opportunities of Erasmus +. They were thrilled with how non-formal education can affect our mentality and skills.
🎯 Focused on employability and social inclusion 🌪️ makes you become more creative and effective in your personal goals. Young people shared their experience and got aware of Erasmus+ opportunities. They got enthused on how non-formal education can affect our mindset and skills.
ℹ The design of the activity was held by the participants of Boomerang who had the whole experience of the project based on youth employability. Specifically, they facilitated one of the games they had created back to Ελπιδοχώρι / Hopeland, last October.

➡ You can see the whole booklet here:

We 🌀 were also there to embrace this activity and to share how the context of an Erasmus+ project can be transformed to a simulation of the labour market.
👀 Take a look at what we gained during that activity:
1️⃣ Meeting new people and sharing different perspectives of relationships through the methodology of games.
2️⃣ Self awareness of how we stand in collaborations and society.
3️⃣ Discussion of what is the impact of an Erasmus+ project.
『 As a social enterprise, we are very engaged in being among youth people and participants of our projects sharing their knwoledge and concerns. Roes 🌀 after every learning opportunity give the stage to young people to disseminate in their own way. This is how they developing. 🔥
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