🏕️ Here we are, at the beginning of a new adventure, ready to discover, to connect, to learn, and especially TO PLAY. We welcomed 40 excited youngsters, in Ελπιδοχώρι / Hopeland, with warmth and sun.
🌱The first day was all about getting to know the magical land of the venue with a tour by Veso, Hopeland’s gatekeeper. We agreed on our common goal and we got to know all the players of Boomerang.
🗣️Vojta Žák introduced us to the gamification world with a playful activity called ”RISK!”, where we had to collect information about the certificates, the methods and the purpose of the project.
🎲After the delicious lunch cooked by our two Italian chefs, we traveled through the 8 islands, representing the competences of the YouthPass and understood how we will develop them throughout the next 10 days.
🎯Then we got in contact with ourselves by doing a body movement activity and created our ”avatar”, setting the scene of learning and the desired achievements.
💫We split into reflection groups and created our safe sharing space, and ended the day with a creative and fun game.
🧩We are the players of the Boomerang youth exchange and we are also taking over the Facebook page of Roes Cooperativa for the next 10 days. Stay tuned!
✨ The project is co-financed and supported by the Erasmus+ Youth Greece.
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