💫 Now that our project ended, we would like to share our gratitude to the team who worked hard on making it possible.
🙏🏻 We would like to thank Vojta Žák and Yiorgos Vayiakis, who put their knowledge, talents and passions into the group and made sure that the content of the activities is impactful and helpful for the participants.
🙏🏻 Thank you, Ilias Giannopoulos, for greatly coordinating the project backstage, for taking care not only of the practical aspects but also of the wellbeing of all the participants. Thank you for giving everybody an understanding of how Erasmus projects work.
🙏🏻 Thank you Anastasia Kantanoleon, Iskra Dukova, Marta Maluva and Veronica Spagna for being brave enough to take the stand and facilitating activities for the group, making sure to create an amazing experience for all the people involved in the project.
🙏🏻 Thank you to the group leaders and all of the people who took care of the reflection groups, giving space for the participants to be heard and share their opinions, in order to adapt the project around what is mostly needed.
🙏🏻 Thank you Cristhian Scorrano and Davide Mentuccia for cooking delicious food, for teaching us more about mindful eating, for putting your heart and good energy into the group.
🙏🏻 Thank you Gabriela Brăneanu for creating the media content of the project, for taking photos and for documenting our whole amazing experience.
🙏🏻 Thank you Veso for creating the final video of the project (it will be out soon).
🙏🏻 And last, but not least, thank you to all the people who got involved, being their true selves and contributing actively to making this whole experience memorable!
🧩 We are the players of the Boomerang youth exchange and we are taking over the Facebook page of Roes Cooperativa for the last day.
✨ The project is co-financed and supported by the Erasmus+ Youth Greece.
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