🗣 We kicked off the collaboration dynamically!
📅 24 months
Do you feel drained after almost 2 years of being in quarantine? Us too! The pandemic has already left its imprint on our mental health, and isolated us from our friends, families and communities. That’s why we are super excited we kicked off Don’t Worry, Be You with our first online meeting! Our goal in this project is to create and offer tools to deal with the fear of uncertainty, as well as depression, stress, outer and inner conflicts amplified by the pandemic.
What can you do about it? Keep scrolling to find out how you can participate, and how you too can tackle the negative effects of the pandemic on your mental health 💪.
🎯 What activities can you take part in?
◎ Sharing your voice on how the pandemic affected you
◎ Making video-tutorials on embodiment and expression 🤸
◎ Participating in a 21-days online challenge
◎ Accessing resources for mental health
◎ Playing the Good Deeds Game 👾
◎ Working with like-minded young people locally and internationally and together exploring the tools provided by the program
Stay tuned for when they are going to happen and how can you participate!
💡 What skills do you have the opportunity to cultivate?
◎ Improve your sense of body awareness and well-being
◎ Tackle negative thought patterns and processes that affect your mental health
◎ Acquire new tools on how to work overcoming tensions, anxieties and inner conflicts
◎ Build mental resilience
◎ Increase your understanding on how internal well-being influences the surrounding and vice versa
◎ Reconnect with yourself, your community and the world through and after the pandemic 🌄
Thanks to the co-funding of the programme of Erasmus+ of the European Commision, the partner organizations that will join forces 🧩 to combat these issues come from 6 European countries, among the most involved in the wellbeing of young people:
『In Roes we are very happy to participate in this project; We believe that mental health is as important as physical health, and after almost 2 years of quarantine we are super excited to make our vision for experiential education focused on wellbeing come to life!』