🗣 We held our first local workshop on mental health and wellbeing!
🤝 On March 13, young people came to Connect Athens and participated in a workshop focused on their wellbeing and mental health during quarantine. The activity was about reflecting back to almost 2 years of the pandemic by creating art that expresses our current feelings, and by discussing how our mental health and wellbeing have been affected.
💡 We used the Don’t Worry Be You Mentimeter quiz to reflect on our experiences and feelings, and related them to the 6 Pillars of Wellbeing. Through sharing, we found common ground and comfort in each other, and then depicted our feelings and thoughts about the pandemic through fanzines.
🗞 Zines are self-publications made from texts and pictures from different magazines, newspapers or any printed media, drawings, writings and other materials, put together to create an original piece expressing a personal idea or feeling.
🖍 Stay tuned for our next Don’t Worry, Be You Hangout Sessions and our next steps in the project!
Thanks to the co-funding by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, 6 organizations joined forces for youth’s wellbeing in this project:
『 We loved addressing this heavy subject through creativity, and we can’t wait to keep hosting these sessions. 🎨 Through the Don’t Worry Be You project, we want to promote wellbeing and to empower young people to dive into self-exploration in order to reconnect with themselves, their communities and the world. 🗺️ After the hard times we all experienced since the pandemic started, the need for social interaction and expression has been more important than ever and, as Roes, we are very happy we get to create the space for young people to do that. 』
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