🗣 We held our first Youth Panel with young people all around Europe!
🤝 This Monday we held something very special; We invited young people from all corners of Europe to come meet us, meet the project, and make the project not only for them, but also by them!
🌤️ We invited them to share their knowledge, experience and expertise, by taking part in various areas of creation within Don’t Worry Be You:
◎ co-creating the workbook and video tutorials with us 📽️
◎ organizing local workshops and activities
◎ sharing their ideas for challenges and games 👾
◎ take over our social media and spread their own message on wellbeing
We are kicking off working together in the next few days, and we are definitely looking forward to the next Youth Panel meeting!
🔔 You missed it and want to join? Shoot us a message at projects@roes.coop
Thanks to the co-funding by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, 6 organizations joined forces for youth’s wellbeing in this project:
『 We couldn’t be more happy and proud that we get to involve young people in the creating process in this project. Through the Don’t Worry Be You project, we want to promote wellbeing and to empower young people to dive into self-exploration and self-expression in order to reconnect with themselves, their communities and the world. 🗺️ After the hard times we all experienced since the pandemic started, the need for social interaction and expression has been more important than ever… And we are very happy we get to create the space for young people to do that. 』