🗣️ The wheel just started spinning!
📆 Duration: 24 Months
What are the core elements of a “good” organization? How can we organize ourselves to provide impactful activities, and then measure our impact?
These are questions that we answered for ourselves when we were beginning, and now it’s time to help.
We are very happy that we kicked-off the The Wheel of Impact programme with our first online meeting! Following the example of Wheel of Life, we will offer a Wheel of Impact as a practical tool 🛠️ for organizations to their improve their awareness and knowledge on project management. Through this tool, we will also provide them with a tool to measure their impact, and strategies on how to improve as a organization.
What can you do: Scroll down to find how you can participate, and make your ideas come to life. 👇🏽
🎯 Which activities can you participate in?
◎ Help us develop the tool that is going to identify your organization’s weak points
◎ Measuring your organization’s success and impact by using the tool.
◎ Join us in a Training Course that will sharpen-up your skills in branding, organization, digital transformation and communication of your activities
◎ Become a member of our online platforms, where organizations can support each other and give tips and tricks on how to improve 💻
◎ Take part in our workshops, where we will connect and spread the knowledge on how you can make your organization even more impactful
…And that’s only the beginning!
Stay tuned to learn when they are going to happen and how you can join.
💡 Which competencies will you develop?
◎ Measuring your organization’s impact via a practical tool for success
◎ How an organization is developing, organizing, marketing, and promoting their work 🌱
◎ Skills on how to structure your own actions that impact the community
◎ Broaden your horizons in digital youth work and learn how you can incorporate it into your work
If you are an informal youth group or a young NGO, shoot us a message in and we will contact you for our next steps.
📌 The project is co-funded by the European Union via the Erasmus+ programme, and it’s a collaboration of:
『 The Wheel of impact was created with a lot of meraki and love by groups that we have been working with for years as Roes, and we feel very proud to see it kick off. 🌊 It’s always a joy for us to share the knowledge we have accumulated together, enrich it and multiply it, and share it with you! 』