🚀 Our second day was focused on the core of our organizations, of our ideas that are being developed within this journey. How do we envision the change they will bring? What is their mission, so they can bring this change to the world?
🎯 Every sustainable initiative has an impact on the world, but also on the people it aims to help. We had the opportunity today to define who these people are for us – to learn more about their daily lives, their desires and needs, and then work on how we can act strategically to positively impact them.
🧵 Finally, we realized that all this is tied together by an invisible thread; our common values. They are the ones who connect people with the same vision, and pave our way to make it a reality.
🌱 These are the chronicles of the NGO.Sustainable Training Course, and we will be sharing posts and stories with you for the next 6 days. Stay tuned!
🇪🇺 The project is part of the NGO.Sustainable programme (Erasmus+ KA2), co-funded by the European Union via the Erasmus+ programme and supported by the Център за развитие на човешките ресурси (ЦРЧР). It’s a collaboration between