🗣️ We’re opening our doors!
📆 Duration: 18 Months
We know how hard it is to build an idea starting from zero: How do we set up a brand? How do we organize ourselves? How do we set and achieve our goals?
When we first started we got that help. Now, it’s time to give it back.
We are very happy that we kick-off the NGO.Sustainable programme with our first meeting! Through this project, we will offer the tools 🛠️ to small groups and new initiatives to organize themselves, set their goals and meet them, making the change they’d wish to see in the world.
What can you do: Scroll down to find how you can participate, and make your ideas come to life. 👇🏽
🎯 Which activities can you participate in?
◎ Participate in mentoring groups, where we will cover all the basics of project management, communication, strategic marketing, digital youth work and the creation of communities.
◎ Become a member of our online community with similar initiatives in countries around Europe. 💻
◎ Join us in a Training Course that will sharpen up your skills in the creation, organization, facilitation and communication of your activities
…And that’s only the beginning!
Stay tuned to learn when they are going to happen and how you can join.
💡 Which competencies will you develop?
◎ Learn how an initiative is organizing, marketing, communicating and promoting their work 🌱
◎ Acquire skills on how to structure your own actions that impact the community
◎ Learn how to build sustainable initiatives that reach your target groups
◎ Understand better how communication works and how you can promote your work to a wider audience
◎ Get informed on how Erasmus+ works and how you can join 🌍
◎ Broaden your horizons in digital youth work and learn how you can incorporate it into your work as an organization.
If you are an informal youth group or a young NGO, shoot us a message at and we will contact you for our next steps.
📌 The project is co-funded by the European Union via the Erasmus+ programme, and it’s a collaboration of:
『 NGO.Sustainable was created with a lot of love and meraki by groups that we have been working with almost since the beginning of our journey us Roes, and we feel very proud to see it kick off. 🌊 It’s always a joy for us to help new groups and initiatives in their first steps, and we cannot wait to share this experience with you! 』