2nd Transnational Partners Meeting 

🗣 We keep going on!

We are pleased to announce that, despite the pandemic and taking all safety measures, we had a hybrid meeting, half in person and half online, on 28/02/2022 in Berlin, Germany, kindly hosted by our partner organisation Europass Berlin.

During our meeting we organised and decided on our next steps for the “ReCreate” Project.

What we have already worked on:

📅 Oct 2021 – Feb 2022: COUNTRY-FIELD RESEARCH: We have just finished our country-field research about the state of disinformation on the migration phenomenon among the young population in each of our partner countries.
🙏 We want to thank all of you who supported our efforts by sharing with us your opinion inside the local surveys that we shared back in June.
Our next steps:

📅 March – June 2022:  E-LEARNING COURSE: Based on the results of the aforementioned research, we are currently preparing a free e-learning course about media and technology literacy against fake news, that will not only include the technical basis of video-making, but also useful cross-checking methods to ensure the validity and credibility of information.
💡Are you interested in content development in the context of a multicultural environment? Stay tuned for the announcement of the launching of the e-learning platform in early June!

📅 July 2022: VIDEO MAKING COURSE: Additionally to the virtual learning course, we are planning to create a short-term physical course that will be aimed at the creation of a Participatory Video on the topic “New Narratives on Migration”. Involving a range of video production and screening activities, young people will drive an evolving process of exploration and dialogue on shared issues.

🤹 How about applying your video making skills and telling your own original story that reflects the migration phenomenon? We will share more information about it in the following months!

📍 This project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and the partners who joined forces against misinformation are the following:
1️⃣ Champions Factory Ireland Limited (IR).
2️⃣ Progeu (IT).
3️⃣ Roes Cooperativa (GR).
4️⃣ Scout Society (RO).
5️⃣ Association Hexagonale (FR).
6️⃣ Europass Berlin (GER).
7️⃣ Asociación SEI (Servicio Socioeducativo Intercultural) (SP).

『In Roes we are very proud of our involvement and we are already seeing our dreams of combining creativity and new technologies in the context of experiential education come to life. Because that is how we feel about lifelong learning.