Online Training Opportunity | Asynchronous Funded Online Training (under the D-MANeD Erasmus+ project)

Practice your digital techniques by bringing impact to your classroom, especially in distance lectures.
📍 Asynchronous training course
👉 If you are an educator, teacher, kindergarten teacher in a school workplace and you are interested in training with digital training tools and to enhance the way you teach, then this learning experience is for you. The aims 🎯 of the D-MANed project are to empower teachers, trainers of all levels and youth workers with asynchronous training tools and personal development skills.
In this asynchronous training course, which includes both theoretical framework and material for further practice, you are offered the opportunity:
✅ Understand and use digital tools in the electronic/digital classroom.
✅ To clarify and define the role of the teacher and the students in the context of electronic/distance learning.
✅ Explore learning tools that enhance the student-centered approach, especially in an online environment.
✅ To develop digital skills.
💸 This learning opportunity has been designed by SkillsUp ( and hosted on their online learning platform. To access the platform:
▶︎ Send an email to
📰 Certificate of completion is given by the end of the course.
🇪🇺 The D-MANed project is co-funded and supported by the Erasmus+ programme and the Dutch National Agency so the participants don’t have to pay for anything.
『As Roes 🌀, we are convinced to stimulate digital learning tools, especially at a very difficult time for education. E-learning is a fact and we are called upon to adapt and develop the appropriate skills to be able to reach remote target groups. This learning opportunity allows this aim and we are very happy to participate in this project. We suggest you take part as well!』