The first results of our D-MANeD project are out!

🗣 What pedagogical techniques and educational approaches are effective in disseminating knowledge to students of all levels? The research was carried out by our collaborator Copiii in Sanul Familiei, on teachers and educators. 🎯 Data were collected on the teaching approaches used and the training needs of trainers and teachers. The target groups are students from schools, youth organizations, post-secondary schools and universities from Cyprus, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania and Greece.
Have a look of the results here:
📍 This report war carried out within the |D-MANeD (Dance – Music – Arts – NLP – E-Learning for Educators) project which is funded by the Erasmus+ program and the dutch National Agency.
『Roes 🌀 with our participation in this project, we realize every day how important and useful it is when formal and non-formal learning work together harmoniously to elevate innovation in education. This research brings teachers in these countries closer to being trained for a more effective dissemination of knowledge in their classrooms and groups.』