3rd Transnational Project’s Meeting for “D-MANeD

Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices in school education 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫 (Erasmus+ KA2)
🗣 We met in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands!
✔️Our 3rd TPM took place a few days ago in Amsterdam, Netherlands where we were hosted by our partner and coordinating organisation Skills Up Training and Research Centre. It was very satisfactory to meet in person all of our partners since, due to covid restrictions, we would only meet and cooperate online.
🎯During our meeting we:
✔️Assessed the progress of our project’s activities so far.
✔️Formulated our strategy and finalised our last steps for the synthesis of all of our project’s intellectual outputs.
✔️Discussed about the dissemination activities.
✔️Brainstormed on the Blended Mobility for School Learners that will take place in Romania, in February 2023!
ℹ️ More information to be announced!
🇪🇺 The project is co-funded by the European Union via the Erasmus+ programme, allowing us to join forces with our partner organisations create an inclusive and creative school environment:
Center for Social Innovation – CSI 🇨🇾 | The Grammar School, Nicosia 🇨🇾 | Skills Up Training and Research Centre 🇳🇱 | Copiii in Sanul Familiei 🇷🇴 | Liceul Tehnologic “Anghel Saligny”, Bacău 🇷🇴 | Εκπαιδευτήρια Βασιλειάδη 🇬🇷 | Roes Cooperativa 🇬🇷
『 We are very grateful for being an active member of this strategic partnership and for the support and inspiration we receive from our partners. We are looking forward to developing further our initiatives and collectively creating a positive impact in education 』