D-MANeD | Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices in school education 

D-MANeD is a 3 years project that aims at supporting educators, teachers, and youth workers who are working with minorities, youngsters with fewer opportunities or rural youth, providing them with a holistic toolkit that makes the learning process more inclusive, interactive and empathetic.
The main methodologies in which the project is based are Dance, Music, Arts, NLP and e – learning.
✔️So far:
🍎We have implemented 3 training activities for educators and youth workers about NLP & Mindfulness, Visual Arts & Theatre, and E- Learning & Digital toolkits
🍎We are developing an interactive e-book comprising good practices and tools such as psycho – emotional balance, movement, coaching and many more teaching tools
🍎We have launched our project’s website where all our latest news and our intellectual outputs are available
🎯What’s next:
🍎In June, we’ll meet in Athens, Greece, for our “Movement, Dance, Music & Rhetorics” Training Course for School Teachers & Youth Workers
🍎In autumn, there will be a Blended Mobility for School Learners where we will experiment with all the new tools and we will assess their impact!
🍎We are developing recorded tutorials in which there will be available and accessible all the tools and the methodology followed in the Training Courses so more people can have access to the learning we produce
ℹ️ Soon you will have more information about all the activities and outputs we are preparing!
🌍 The project is co-funded by the European Union via the Erasmus+ programme, allowing us to join forces with our partner organisations, to create an inclusive and creative school environment:
『 We are very grateful for being an active member of this strategic partnership and for the support and inspiration we receive from our partners. We are looking forward to developing further our initiatives and collectively creating a positive impact in education 』