🗣 We kicked off the collaboration dynamically!
📅 24 months

Are you tired of misinformation? Us too! That is why we are proud to participate in this 24-month Partnership for Creativity Program, which aims to combat immigration misinformation in Europe.

What can you do about it? Tune in to our project news to learn how you too can create your own original and different narrative about immigration and tackle misinformation  💪

🎯 What activities can you take part in?
◎ 1 Country-field research on misinformation and migration
◎ 1 E-learning course on media literacy and technology literacy
◎ 1 Blended mobility of youth which In the virtual part will be the e-learning course developed and the live one will be held in lovely Ελπιδοχώρι / Hopeland.
◎ 1 Participatory-video to create original narratives to promote the migration phenomenon (developed during the mobility of youth by the participants and Roes Cooperativa).

💡 What skills do you have the opportunity to cultivate?
◎ To increase creative skills.
◎ To encourage critical thinking and young people spirit of initiative in regards to misinformation and migration.
◎ To foster media literacy among young people.
◎ To enhance awareness on migration.
◎ To provide young people with basic video-making 🎥 competencies.
◎ To create new migration narratives by using the participatory-video method.

The partner organizations that will join forces to combat misinformation come from 7 European countries, among the most involved in the phenomenon of migration:
1️⃣ Champions Factory Ireland Limited (IR).
2️⃣ Progeu (IT).
3️⃣ Roes Cooperativa (GR).
4️⃣ Scout Society (RO).
5️⃣ Association Hexagonale de l’Innovation Sociale et de l’Education (FR).
6️⃣ EBB Europass Berlin Beratungsbüro GmbH (GER).
7️⃣ Asociación SEI (Servicio Socioeducativo Intercultural) (SP).

『In Roes we are very proud of our involvement and we are already seeing our dreams of combining creativity and new technologies in the context of experiential education come to life. Because that is how we feel about lifelong learning.』

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