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Innovation in experiential learning

Welcome to Roes Cooperativa

Have you ever thought about what you can learn beyond, in parallel, or without school or university?

Do you know that you can acquire valuable skills for your personal and professional growth while playing a game, posting a story on Instagram, dancing, exploring a foreign city?

What we offer

Roes Coop is a Social Cooperative Enterprise from the early ’20s that handpicked different streams of experiential learning to an alliance offering and hosting innovative and tailor-made learning programs for everyone.

Training courses

For youth workers, educatos, trainers eager to develop their professional skills


Youth Exchanges

For young adults and teens keen to experience intercultural learning and grow on a personal level  

Volunteering projects

For young adults 18-30 years old that would love to work for a greater cause

Organisational services

For organisations, schools and companies who need support on running their projects

Joining forces since 2013

Roi in Greek stands for stream. Roes are the streams that even though we were working separately, (in parallel and together on different occasions since 2013), we decided tο come together and create a river that blends their different approaches in a holistic fresh learning experience.

Can be we are just a fresh cooperative but what if we join our experiences altogether…

Years of experience

Learning programs organised

Direct Learners

training hours delivered

Why experiential learning

Labour market is getting more and more competitive and degrees are becoming less and less primary qualities for employment. In the meantime life-skills are getting more important. The European Commission and many global organizations are investing a lot into life-skills development by offering through organizations, instititures, training centers and other learning opportunities. On the other hand, sometimes it’s tricky, for youth especially, to understand and find out how they can utilise these opportunities and even harder to understand which ones match to their needs.

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